Saturday, October 05, 2013

Psychic Paper

The T.V. character Dr. Who has a nifty gadget called psychic paper.

When we practice, we must remember the new habits we're trying to build. Sometimes it is easy to forget.  I've had students put little reminders to themselves on their music or in their cases so each time they take out the horn to practice, they see that slip of paper and remember the new habit they're trying to nurture.

What to write on that paper?
How about..

stuff like that

What if you left the paper blank?  Each time you see it, it just reminds you to pause and think, "What are the good habits I'm trying to nurture?"

This reminds me of that "psychic paper" Dr. Who uses.  Basically, the viewer "sees" whatever the good doctor wants him to see.  If he announces he's a health inspector then, poof, the viewer sees a health inspector's license.

What if Dr. Who approached you and said, "I know exactly what you need to sound better on that passage!"  He then holds up that magic paper.  What would you see?

Try it...put a blank post-it note as a reminder..."what do I need to remember?"

This is similar to (but slightly different from) another post I did a while back about post-it notes.