Thursday, February 28, 2013

Buddy the Elf (and articulation)...

When I'm working with my students on articulation, I always like to conjure images of movement.  Here's one:  "Think of the note being propelled out of the bell on the air stream." 

 I've tried all kinds of images (both for myself and my students). Sometimes I like to imagine a ping pong paddle hitting the ball. Sometimes I like to think of those impact sprinklers watering our lawn. In one lesson, I managed to help a student by comparing the attack to throwing a ball.

 Of course, the next step was to play a sequence of notes, each with that same great attack. can I conjure up an image of someone throwing things quickly, one after the other?

How about Buddy the Elf (from the Christmas movie, Elf)...

I love this scene. Who knows, maybe it can help you play better.