Friday, October 11, 2013

Don't trade it away!

People used to collect and trade baseball cards.

Your tone is like a signed babe ruth card.  You wouldn't trade it away for anything.

Someone comes along: "Hey Buddy, I'll trade some flashy fast notes for that tone card.  Waddya say?"


Someone else comes along: "Yo man, come here.  I'll give you three Fortes for that tone card."

Forget it.

And yet, how often do willingly trade away our tone quality by trying to play ...

  • too loud
  • too fast
  • too punchy
  • too soft
That reminds me of that saying by George Solti, conductor of the Chicago Symphony.  To the woodwinds he would say, "Woodwinds, make a miracle."  To the brass, he would say, "Brass, safe soft!"  Smart man.

(Maybe that helps explain those 32 grammies.)