Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Spooky Post:: Beware the Sawtooth Progression Chart

No, this is not a reference to any of the charming "Saw" movies, none of which I have seen or plan to see.

This is referring to a scary phenomenon I have seen in teaching...
(cue happy music)

In the "happy" lessons we make good progress so that, at the end, the student is playing better than when they walked in.
OK, that part's obvious
Then they head on out for a week in the practice room and, sometimes, return the next week with the old habits back in place.
(cue scary music, knife slasher stuff, you know)

It's almost as if that last lesson never happened!

Their "progress chart" might end up looking like this:

Beware the Sawtooth Progression Chart!

(mu ha ha ha ha ?)

You know, I used to have this great "dripping blood" font...oh well