Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pointing in Time

Here's a quote attributed to Marcus Aurelius,
"All we have is now"

In other words, live in the moment. All we really have is "5 ahead and 5 behind"....
5 seconds into the future and 5 into the past.

Not only is this good advice for life, it is good for rhythm.

I sometimes believe undisciplined eyes are a culprit with rhythm. As we look at music, the eyes don't get a "rhythmic lock" on the rhythms.

Try this: using a sharp pointer (a mechanical pencil with the point retracted is good for this), lightly tap the music exactly in time with the beat. Each tap should land exactly over the point in the music where the beat falls.

Once you can do this, point rhythmically with the pencil while saying or singing the rhythm.

I think this technique helps to discipline the eyes to not wander about the measure in an un-rhythmic fashion.

Try it out. It might help.