Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A question of angle

Here's one from the "crazy idea" department.

For posture: stand tall and bring the horn to you.

For most people, this will result in the horn angling down a bit.

Ahhh, marching band season when so many are told to angle 10 degrees above horizontal (or something like that).

How to resolve this problem?

No perfect solution but I guess bending at the waist is the least bad.

This raises a question that seemed dumb at first but......

Why is the bell angled the way it is? What if the bell angled up a bit.

I'm not talking a "Dizzy Gillespie" angle..

But still, what if the bell angled up a bit? How dumb is this idea?

For that matter, what if the slide angled slightly to the right? Wouldn't that make the longer positions easier to reach?

Worth considering, I think.