Thursday, October 18, 2007

Concerts Coming up in Columbia

Earlier than usual this year.
Here's a link to the program.

Thanks to one of my students, who made a nice poster!

Also, two recital coming up the next two Sundays..
Ryan Tinker, Senior Recital
Oct. 21st, 3pm
Alex Manley, trombone
Winifred Goodwin, piano
David Lowry, organ
Three Songs... Johannes Brahms
Es Rauschet Das Wasser, Op. 28 (1833-1897)
Weg Der Liebe, Op. 20
So Lass uns Wandern, Op. 75
The Patriot ... Arthur Pryor
Domine, Dona Nobis Pacem... Frigyes Hidas

Jazz Miniatures... Dick Goodwin

Russ Zokaites, Senior Recital (bass trombone)
Oct. 28th, 3pm
Alyssa Burnette, piano
The Climax Brass Quintet
Brass Band conducted by Emily Jones
Sonata Breve...Walter Hartley
from Sonata for Bass Trombone David Gillingham
II. Lento mysterioso
Rainy Day in Rio...Geoff Richards
Variations on Barnacle Bill the Sailor... Steven Frank, Arr. By Garrett Mendez

Also, the Carolina Trombone Collective will be performing at Lake Murray Pres. on Oct 28th.