Thursday, March 22, 2007

Deep Question #2: "Just Alone?"

Here's my second deep question for the Alessi seminar.

Should you play with just intonation when playing alone?

It seems trombonists agree (as they should) that the third of a major chord should be lowered.
For example the D in this chord:

...or the G-sharp in this chord:

But what if you're playing an audition round alone and you run across this passage:

...or the G-sharp in this passage:

Will it sound better with just intonation or equal temperament?

A few thoughts:
  • I suppose in a room with a big echo, you would be harmonizing with yourself, thus just intonation.
  • To what extent do the other instruments follow these concepts of just intonation? Do the strings do this? The oboe? The trumpets? They may be on the committee.
  • If you believe in just intonation all the way, what do you when playing with piano accompaniment?

Here's a link to deep question #1 "Slide vibrato"

Here's a link to a summary of intonation adjustments on the BoneZone website.