Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Deep Question #1 "Slide Vibrato"

I just got word that I've been selected to be a participant in this summer's Alessi seminar. I hope that I'll be able to generate some good blog entries from the event. Stay tuned.

When I go there, I hope to hear his (and others') opinions on some of those deep questions for which there are no quick answers (or maybe there are).

So, as I think of these questions, I'll just blog them to make a list.

Deep Question #1 "Slide Vibrato"

Trombonists seem to have a hang-up about slide vibrato. We often think of it as cheating. I would agree that lip vibrato is probably tougher (esp. in the high range) but ...
What if the easier solution also sounds better?
I do know this: whenever I play for non-trombonists and give them the choice of slide vibrato vs. lip vibrato, they usually go for the slide vibrato.

Why do so many people have this thing about slide vibrato?
Is it because it's connected with jazz, which some people look down on?
Is it because some view it as wimping out from a "real" vibrato?

Oh yeah, there is that whole first position problem to think about.

My opinion: do what sounds best.
(and yet, I still feel that reluctance, too)