Saturday, March 23, 2013

[blank] as much as you text

 I'm not a very fast texter but I've watched some texting virtuosi in action before.  Man, their fingers just fly across these keys!  I can compare it to typing, I guess.  Sometimes I get in the zone and my fingers seem to zip along by themselves.
There has been some great new research about myelin.  Basically, if you repeat an action, the nerve pathways get wrapped in more layers of myelin insulation.  You've built a myelin "broadband" connection.

Apply this to triple tonguing. At first, it is slow and awkward but, once you get the hang of it (build up those myelin layers), the tongue starts to fly.  You might be able to apply the same concept to lip slurs or, for that matter, scales, arpeggios, solo passages ... whatever.
Are you frustrated that you still can't triple tongue fast?  Hey, it takes a long as it takes.
But, if you're in that texting generation, let me ask you.  Do you practice triple tonguing as much as you text?  Want your tongue to fly like those little fingers on the keyboard?
Triple tongue as much as you text!
Play that scale as much as you text!
Play that lip slur as much as you text!

This has changed the way I practice and teach.  In both instances, I incorporate a lot more repetition..especially once they get it right.  I guess that old saying is true:

Don't practice until you get it right.  Practice until you can't get it wrong.

Your brain doesn't much care what skill is being built.  Repeat enough (and correctly) and those myelin layers should start a-wrapping!

Want to read more about this whole myelin thing?  Try the Talent Code website.

Happy wrapping with reps!