Friday, September 28, 2007

What, another post???


Oh...sorry. Apparently I haven't been bothering to post.

OK a few quick items:

Guest Trombone Recital

This Monday, Oct 1st we have a guest artist: Joshua Hauser from Tennessee Tech. He'll be performing:
Dances of Greeting - Bolter
Piece in E-flat minor - Ropartz
Dozeandeeze - Jim Self
Slide Ride - Greg Danner


Trombone Rage - Turk Murphy
Trombonology - Tommy Dorsey
It's All Right - Cole Porter
Mission Red - Michael Davis
Trombone Tales, mvts. V and VI, Henry Wolking

Thanks for our own Craig Butterfield for playing bass on the Wolking

My Recitals

I just gave two recitals for anybody who's interested (great timing on the announcement!).

Sep. 22nd North Carolina School for the Arts
Winter Ballad - Freidlin
Blue Wolf - me
Arrows of Time - Peaslee


Four Impromptus - me
Three Lieder - Brahms
T. Rex - Phillips

Sep 24th University of South Carolina
Two Emily Dickenson Songs for Horn, Trombone and Piano - Micheal Hennagin
Winter Ballad - Freidlin
Arrows of Time - Peaslee


Impulsions for trombone and marimba - Clarence Barber
Elizabethan Songbook for trumpet, trombone and piano - Ewazen

Thanks to: Martha Edwards, horn; Winifred Goodwin, piano; Scott Herring, marimba and James Ackley, trumpet