Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Acting Cats Nag

Here are three ideas that have been rattling around in my brain waiting for me to blog them...

Be An Actor
Imaging you are acting in a play and your character is Mr. Cool. Back stage you might feel nervous but, on stage, you've got to play the part.

(OK, maybe this particular reference is a little dated and pathetic)

In other words, if you don't feel poised and confident, be an actor and imitate someone who is. Who knows, maybe it'll rub off.

Air Cats
We have two cats. Every night, we put them "in lockdown" in the back of the house so they don't bug us all night.
Don't call PETA, I'm referring to two levels of the house with food and a cat box, etc.
Still, every morning, while I'm making breakfast, they are, shall we say EAGER to get out.
Sometimes, I open the door and they try to come out at the same time, one trying to jump over the other. In recent lesson I used this as an analogy...
opening door = tongue
cats = air

In tonguing, think that the air just wants to burst out to the lips and the tongue simply releases all that air so it can come flowing through.

Nag Tape
As we practice, often we are trying to implement a new habit. Of course, the old habit doesn't just go away. Perhaps reminders would be helpful.
Take a deep breath......relax........good posture.

Try making a "nag tape": sit in a quite room with a recorder and, for about 10 - 20 minutes, give yourself these kinds of reminders (maybe once every 30 seconds or so).

Then, go about practicing while the tape plays in the background. Every now and then, as you play, you'll hear one of your reminders.

Take a deep breath


Good posture