Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hey Santa! (part 1)

My kids are starting on their Christmas lists. Once again a pony will not appear under the tree.

Here's something I'd like for Christmas, a sort of magic box. It should have:
  1. A tuner with an easy to read display
  2. A metronome
  3. A digital recorder that records directly to a digital memory (mp3?). This recorder should be able to directly upload to a computer through a USB connection.
  4. Good speakers.
  5. A set of oscillators which can send drone pitches through those speakers. Also the oscillators should be able to play intervals and chords in just intonation (similar to the Tune-Up system but programmable to your needs).
  6. A remote control so you can tape yourself without many trips back and forth to hit the record and playback buttons.
Wait, there can be more... add some new features to that tuner. Have it sit silently as long as your notes are in tune. If you stray by more than x number of cents, the tuner plays the correct note. Thus, you learn to play in tune using your ears, not your eyes.

I suppose you could throw in Smart Music studio with lots more useful accompaniments, too.

Here's the kicker: all this has either been done or is easily do-able. I think , if well -marketed, it would sell. But alas, performers are increasingly a niche market. The big sales bucks aren't there to justify the cost. Or are they?

Doubt I'll have see such a box, but maybe Santa has a soft spot in his heart for musicians.

I welcome comments on this one.

Maybe we can start a movement (hey, I can dream can't I?)