Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bob McChesney - Unreal

OK, so here's something that almost seems un-humanly fast and clean.

I think it's interesting that the video tacks on some audio of him improvising at the end almost as if to say, "Yeah, he can play that fast."

I noticed this in the comment section below the video:

This recording seemed a bit too fast and too perfect even for the doodle master, so I emailed him, and he graciously responded: "Obviously it's been tweaked, but not for speed. I tracked all the parts in real time (no slowing down or speeding up), punching in and out like crazy, of course, to get it really accurate with no errors. ..The result sounded really good without any tweaking, but I couldn't resist so I proceeded to line up notes timewise (when needed) to see how far I could take it."


David Wilken said...

Yeah,I heard that video and thought they sounded almost too perfect too (but he is a pretty jaw-droppingly good player!). One thing that probably makes me think so is that it's the same player playing all the parts. There's something about this technique of overdubbing that makes it sound fake, regardless of how good the player is. I think we're used to hearing a section blend of being made up of different timbres, or maybe that just sounds better to most of us.

Andrew said...

the album..UNREEL

is pretty cool, very interesting writing on holywood themes you already may know, I have it, its a favorite of mine

mcchesney is a beast