Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Zoom H4 - no moving parts

I recently put down some money on a new recorder, the Zoom H4. So far I really like it. I used to use a mini disc recorder and like it but was plagued with the problem of transferring data easily to the computer in order to burn CD's.
This new recorder records directly to an SD card (same as they use with most digital cameras) which you can easily pop into a computer.
A few other features...
  • It can take up to a 2GB card.
  • Using this card, you can record up to 380 minutes of .wav files or 34 hours of .mp3 files
  • It has two stereo mics built in (they seem to record quite well)
  • It has jacks for two XLR mics and can provide phantom power
  • It can directly connect to a computer via a USB connection
  • It has multitrack recording capability (4 tracks)
If you are serious about succeeding on the trombone, you need to record yourself regularly. You'll need to make audition tapes and demo tapes. This little machine does a beautiful job with a minimum of hassle.

Generally you can get it for around $300. I paid $279 from minidisco.com.
Here are some links if you're interested:

Minidisco site
Product review
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John Bailey said...

The manual says it uses a 2gb card. Now they are available to 32gb. I wonder if it actually can use those?

Brad Edwards said...

No, actually the manufacturer designed this to only go up to 2gb. Seems a bit shortsighted to me but at least it isn't hard to upload things onto the computer.

flevoman said...

the writer says
"The H2 offers the ability to go up to 2GB in SD Card storage, but as tests have shown, 4GB cards do work in the H4. You can also record all the way up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution, meaning you'll get the absolute best sound quality possible. You can also record up to 320kbps VBR mp3, as well."

There may be more to this story, as in more gigabytes!